“Body positivity” ‘n’ all that…



Not for one minute did I think anyone actually read my blog, but the other day, someone requested on Instagram I update it as they missed reading my ramblings. Crazy! And very flattering! Thank you; it made me happy to think I was entertaining a fellow knackered mama somewhere. So here goes! 

I follow some pretty great women, like Mother of Daughters and Clemmie Telford, who have started a mini Instagram revolution for all the mamas out there. It’s all about body positivity, embracing your post pregnancy body, and feeling comfortable with all the changes that have gone on. 

I don’t know if I’m an exception to the rule or what. I was so worried when I had Theo that I’d go back to ‘the old me’. I’ve never been a size 18, but before I met Alex I was pretty overweight for my height. One day something just clicked, and I decided to tackle something that had haunted me forever; the chub! I’d like to say I began treating my body like a temple, but I’d be lying. I did hit the gym hard in order to fight the fat, but also so I could continue with my life, which at 23 is all about drinking gin and having a good time, isn’t it? In about 9 months I’d lost 3 stone, and I felt great about myself, so obviously when I was having Theo, I was worried I’d go back to my old, hefty self. 

I was worrying about nothing! Ok so the wabs definitely aren’t what they were, but they fed Theo for a whole year and by doing so helped me lose all my pregnancy weight, and more. Thank you boobies!!! 

But now I’m pregnant again, and all my old worries are back. I’m loving feeling the baby squiggle about, but I’m not liking my body at all. It’s not really like the first time, ritually checking the size of my bump in the mirror before bed. I’m that distracted by Theo, the house, and work, that I don’t often have time to inspect the gut, and when I do, it’s a shock! 

Pregnant friends, and women, like Mother Pukka who I follow on Instagram, are all taking cute photos of they’re bump, but I’m just not there yet. Even a Valencia filter isn’t working for me. I’m looking knackered, for some reason I got my hair cut shorter and it’s not for me, I’m white and pasty, and my boobs DEFINITELY aren’t what they were. Above all, I went to the doctors for a check up today, and I’ve put on a stone since getting pregnant! A whole stone!

I can’t get enough mash and gravy, jacket potatoes, chips; basically anything potato based. And then it clicked as I looked at my sad, naked self in the mirror this evening. I’m turning into a potato! Pass me the salad! Pass me the greens! I will not be defeated by the ‘mum bod blues’! 

So to all the second, third, or forth time pregnant warrior women out there: we will not let the potato get the better of us! We will all be cucumbers eventually! 

But seriously, as my potato-avoiding-will power isn’t great right now, any tips to help the wobble until October? Good fake tans (because everyone looks skinner when they’re brown, right?)? Holdy-in underwear? Basically anything to help me embrace the change? Plus I’m going out for the first time in ages on Saturday night and really could do with all the help I can get. All offers welcome.

Anyway, I’m signing off for tonight. We’ve taken the side off Theo’s cot and I’ve just heard ‘the thud of doom’. Again. I’ll write again soon! In the meantime, why don’t you give me a follow on my Instagram page?