Sidney Jake. The second born. 

It must be tough being the second born. Mum and Dad have already had the excitement of having a baby with the first; the positive test, decorating the nursery, bringing home a brand new person into a spotless home. Then there’s all the firsts that aren’t really firsts for Mum and Dad anymore. They’ve already puréed carrots, blown in a baby’s face and laughed when it reacted like enduring gale force winds, and seen them take the heir first steps. So to be the second born must be tough! 

Our Sid came into the world three weeks ago. We’re over the bloody moon about it. He’s the final ‘Cowie’ to complete our family. But I can’t help feel that old devil again; mega mum guilt! 

For nine months I constantly worried about how Theo would feel not being the centre of attention anymore. Would he think I loved him less? Would he feel abandoned? 

Having not had much to do with my younger sister until later in my life, I never experienced that sibling rivalry, so I’d been struggling to comprehend what it was going to be like for Theo. 

Of course, I was most definitely barking up the wrong tree! Since Sidney’s been with us, Theo has been showered with attention and gifts, and constantly steals the limelight with his Minions impressions, willy-tugging, and general cuteness. In fact, I couldn’t have been more wrong! It’s poor Sid that gets less attention! As much as I’d like to say it isn’t true, Sid has ‘second child syndrome.’ 

So it’s now, 7pm, first born in bed, candles lit, telly on, that Mum and Dad get their Sid fix. And it’s perfect. 


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